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Houseworks Construction, Inc. will celebrate 25 years of exceptional service for historical renovations and restorations in 2004. Not only has our company been a solid performer in the USA as a major design/build construction company, but has an international base in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy, where the owner of Houseworks Construction, Christopher Lewis, fluent in Italian, with many years of apprenticeship in Italian masonry, can provide full construction services and property management for those who wish to own homes, or already own homes in Tuscany, Italy.

House under current renovation, construction began in 2003. Small villa situated in Montevarchi, Italy, in Tuscany, 30 minutes south of Florence. House was built on medieval guard post tower which acted as a military advance post constructed to protect the town of Montevarchi. Houseworks Construction, Inc., a full service construction company, specialized in restoration and renovation for 25 years, can provide home/property management services in Tuscany Italy, in areas of Florence, Chianti, Siena, and Arezzo. For mediation of property acquisitions, architectural designs, construction, construction supervision, and home or property management, please visit our web site for a list of all our services. Vacation rentals in Tuscany may also be acquired by contacting us through our website.

Our services include:

Locating reliable real estate agencies for homes and property acquisitions.

Providing legal services, house and property purchase contracts, and payment negotiation through a licensed accountant firm, Studio Barlacchi, Sas, who will protect your investment interests by providing a synthesis of real estate and banking law as relates to home and property acquisitions in Florence, Chianti, Siena, Arezzo, Cortona, in Tuscany, Italy. Real estate contracts in Italy are performed differently than in the USA in that where a house purchase is completed with a bank and a lawyer, purchase contracts in Italy are usually done by an accountant firm who is specialized in contracts and consulting and act as a bridge between contract law, homeowners, and the banks.

Providing Licensed Architects who have experience in acquiring permits for historical properties, and well versed in providing a balance between historical preservation, renovations, and new construction. Our service area for architectural design is based for areas only in Florence, Chianti, Arezzo, Cortona, in Tuscany, Italy.

Acquiring of building permits and project management using the best technologies for heating, electrical, and water systems. We work with high quality construction firms who are specialized in restoration and renovation. We insure that detailed blueprints are provided, specifying type of products and points of installation for all mechanicals in the best of designs for homeowner friendly use and service, and for future repairs if and when needed. This is an important aspect with masonry construction! Housework Construction, Inc. has a vast history of US and European construction, and of which systems to use, and how to install those systems to provide user-friendly service through the years.

Solid construction concepts in foundation systems for new and old systems, stone and masonry building, matching of stone building techniques used in ëcasa colonicaí in Tuscany, Italy.

Timber frame techniques used for floor and roof systems, common in Tuscany, Italy.

State of the art design for electrical, plumbing, security, and heating systems.

Installation of period style roofing tiles, repair and installation.

Interior finishes for either stucco or stone detailing for walls, stone and tile floor installations, and tile installations.

Providing vendors whose products will provide the best for interior lighting, electrical appliances, and kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Custom cabinet and furniture fabrication is available and most types of wood or laminates are available, such as cherry, walnut, birch, maple, oak, and many others. Houseworks Construction is specialized in providing consultation services for interior design and layouts that will adhere to your financial budgets.

Because of our strategic location in San Giovanni, Valdarno, we are centrally located between Florence, Chianti, Siena, Arezzo, Cortona, and we can easily organize our service to reach these areas. If you are interested in our services we provide an application in our INFO ITALY link where you may describe your interests for the services we provide, and we will respond to you via e-mail in a timely fashion to answer your questions.

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