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The name of this villa is called Villa Guglielmesca and is located about 6 miles above the town of Cortona, Italy. This large mansion is about 18,000 square feet, surrounded by a small forest located on one of the highest mountain tops in the Val di Chiana region. It is completely isolated and is situated on approximately 44 acres of land, and includes a small house for the groundís keeper, about 300 feet below the villa, not visible from the main courtyard. This house was constructed in the 1800ís and is comprised of very large rooms on the lower main entrances, typical of very large mansions of that era. This villa has not been occupied by a homeowner for many, many, years, and will need extensive work to bring it up to the standards that one would claim, modern conveniences. Villas of this stature are rare in Italy, and to have such as large house is rare in this type of beautiful countryside, which has made Cortona, Italy, famous world wide for its history and remarkable architecture posed upon one of the greatest Etruscan hillsides in all of Italy. Historically speaking Cortona, Italy is one of the most well preserved fortified Etruscan towns to remain in existence in the world. Because of the greatness of the size of this villa, such a construction would be well suited for conversion to a luxury hotel, considering its location. The cost of this colossal villa is extremely reasonable, and compared to the cost to of a modest villa restored in Tuscany, this villa is a bargain! As I know personally the family for many years who owns this villa, it can be arranged quite easily to meet privately with them to discuss any questions one may have about this unusual house. Houseworks Construction can assist home owners with construction management in maintaining communication with homeowner and builder, on site plan inspections, translation services, payment management, quality assurance control, design consultations, and home management long after your house is completed. Home Management includes surveillance installations, such as Web Camera monitoring from anywhere in the world, monthly, or weekly inspections, repairs, and house rental assistance. All of this can be done from the computer in your home anywhere in the world from where you may be! And payments are fast and easy through Paypal services over the net.

This house is approximately 20 minutes from Cortona by car, and about an additional 10 from Cortona to the train station, with direct routes to Roma or Florence. It is about 11/2 hour by car to Florence, and about 45 minutes to Arezzo.

Size of House: approx. 2000 square meters, 18,000 sq ft, lot size approx. 22 hectares, 44 acres

Location: Cortona, Arezzo, Italy.