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These apartments were renovated by the owners of these apartments who purchased a 3 story historical building dating from the Medieval to the Renaissance Period, in San Giovanni, Valdarno, Arezzo, Italy. San Giovanni is almost considered a suburb of Florence, due to its close proximity to Florence. This town lies on the outer edge of the Chianti region, and is the closest biggest town between Florence and Siena, with Arezzo sort-of in between, as far as distance is concerned. The interesting observation about San Giovanni, not including one of the most beautiful City Halls in this region, is that it is the only rectangular planned city in all of Tuscany dating from the Medieval Age. This apartment building is on the main course of the town and provides a perfect centre point between the major Tuscany Cities. The train station is a 5 minute walk from this building and most of your shopping needs are within a 10 minute walk. The vacation homes are affordable and have been restored and renovated perfectly. You will not find many apartments with such comfort and excellent service than these. The owners who care for these vacation homes, I dare say, are one of the best in all of Italy! All the apartments have very well designed kitchens and bathrooms, the beds are wonderful, and all your service amenities are in place, and the owners are great hosts! All the apartments have complete accessories, including ovens, refrigerators, Satellite TV, Internet connections, and independent heating systems.

These apartments are 45 minutes to downtown Florence by car or train, and 45 minutes to Siena by car, 25 minutes to Arezzo, 2 hours to the Tyrannies Sea by car, 30 minutes to Chianti, and 1 hour by car to the Florence airport.

Location: San Giovanni, Valdarno, Arezzo, Italy.