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There will always be times that negotiations are a must to do business in Italy! Whatever problems may arise in the practical course of living in a foreign country, we can help you in translations and negotiations as may be needed. If it involves concerns as relates to the services we offer, we can help you acquire an answer to the problems that may surface from time to time.


Legal documents as regards international law will require an international lawyer, which we can assist in nominating a law firm who specializes in this aspect of law.

Legal documents as regards property acquisition, can be translated via a licensed translator, in conjunction with a local law firm or accountant firm specializing in contracts.

Resident documentation can be acquired and assisted by one of our translators, in conjunction with accompanying you at the Questura, and in the Comune of the town or city that you are requesting a Permesso di Soggiorno.


If you are interested in acquiring or investing in real-estate in Italy, we can provide translations while we accompany you on villa or house tours, and during real-estate transactions, and mediation. We can provide translations of intent to buy, home purchase agreements, and deeds of purchase.


We accompany dealers and private individuals who come to Italy to purchase antiques. We provide translations and broker sales, and payments. We provide organization for shipping and delivery of goods, door to door, with qualified shippers who provide secure packaging and art certification by the Belli Arte for international export from Italy.


We provide Architects, Builders, Designers, and Private home owners assistance when they desire to purchase salvage or new materials, assistance in translations with use and techniques, costs, and mediation in the purchase of these materials. We provide for shipping and delivery of goods, door to door, with international shippers to ship at final destination in a timely manner.



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