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Houseworks Italia can assist buyers and businesses to open bank accounts in Italy during buying trips.

Requirements for buyers during antique shows who, for example, Antique Parma Show, is that they have agreements with their credit card providers to acquire cash advancements that will permit them, via the Cassa di Risparmio di Parma to withdraw euros during their buying excursions. The maximum amounts of cash that can be removed with a credit card or ATM card, from an Italian ATM machine or bank without advance agreements with your US bank ATM or credit card is €250.00 per day.

Companies or businesses who wish to have bank services on a regular basis, need to have their USA Corporation documents certified by an Italian embassy or consulate in the United States, as actual and true, and these documents sent to the Italian bank in the area where they desire to transact business.

A codice fiscale, similar to a US social security number, will need to be procured. You will need to visit an Ufficio del Entrata to acquire a business codice fiscale with your passport, your business license, a copy of your Business Federal Tax Return, and a Federal ID number to achieve this. This only takes a matter of moments. This ID number will remain in effect for life.

With your certified documents and Italian Social Security number you may open an Italian bank account and benefit from normal bank services, an ATM card, and bank issued checks.



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