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Tuscany, Italy
The 1st step necessary to remodel, renovate, or build a home is architectural design. Every client is different and has unique tastes and unique requirements. We try to balance our client´s needs with our design/build services by offering over 25 years of research and experience in architecture, construction, and technology. These homes exhibited in this web site are the result of their cooperation with us to build them a beautiful house.

Houseworks Construction has won design/build awards for homes that have particular merit, by competition from organizations who provide a format for builders, renovators, and remodelers, like ourselves, who can on a regional and national scale exhibit to judges what is often time, a year or two year process of designing, renovating, remodeling, or building a home. These awards represent a portion of our effort, and the results of years of experience are represented in the awards we have received.

We have an impeccable reference list and we never left a client or a remodel, renovation, or building project without full completion of our contractual duties and more importantly, with our client completely satisfied. Many of our clients are homeowners who have used us throughout their home renovations or remodels for over 20 years.

Italian Services

For areas: Florence, Chianti, Siena, Arezzo, & Cortona in Tuscany, Italy The apartments, homes, and villas in Tuscany, Italy that are placed on this web site were carefully chosen based on first and foremost, quality and price. There are many properties in Tuscany, Italy for rent, and prices can average € 800 − 1,000 for an apartment and € 2,500 − 3,500 for a house or a villa, per week. Only 1 of 10 will be placed on this website. The services we offer is that we have carefully looked at every aspect of the vacation rental:

the quality of the environment and the scenery
the quality of the restoration or construction
the quality of the furnishings, finishes, and decor
the quality for price
and to the hospitality of the Italian families who own and rent these homes!

For areas: Florence, Chianti, Siena, Arezzo & Cortona in Tuscany, Italy The properties for sale on this web site were selected on basis of value for price, architecture, and location. We post properties for sale in Tuscany, Italy on the merit that the property is a good bargain for its cost as compared to the local or regional real estate values, based on a square meter price. Where the properties are large, we try to select those who have an approval by the comune, or the city hall, of that location to be restored or permitted to be developed into residential homes, condominiums, or rental businesses.

Star Rating

Our star rating is based on a 1 − 5 rate, meaning that a 3 star rate is great, a 4 star is excellent, and a 5 star is superb. We rarely ever give a 5 star rating to any of our properties.